Development Process

Development Process

Development works such as construction of roads, drains & culverts, water supply, sewer line, internal electricity & building works is carried out in Industrial Areas. The work is carried out through the contractors those who are registered in UPSIDC after wide publicity in the regional & national news paper both in Hindi & English. The development works above Rs. 5.00 Lacs are published in the news paper as per policy of the Corporation. The registered contractors are required to purchase the tender form from the concerned office during office hours on payment of cost of tender which are as below:-

SI.No. Rate Cost of tender
1. Upto Rs. 5.00 Lacs Rs. 100.00
2. Over Rs. 5.00 Lacs but upto Rs. 15.00 Lacs Rs. 500.00
3. Over Rs. 15.00 Lacs but upto Rs. 25.00 Lacs Rs.1000.00
4. Over Rs. 25.00 Lacs but upto Rs. 50.00 Lacs Rs.1500.00
( 5% Trade Tax shall be charged extra on the cost mentioned above)

Prestigious Projects of on Going Development Works

These rates are applicable in the single Bid system (i.e. upto 50.00 Lacs) but the cost of tender invited on double Bid system is Rs. 2500.00 plus Trade Tax 5% extra per set of forms. Tenders are accepted on the basis of lowest rates quoted by the contractor within the sanctioned estimated amount and supported with earnest money 1% of the tender cost as mentioned in the tender notice and in the news papers and website available. For execution of agreement contractor shall be required to submit stamp duty as per Govt. rules. The works are carried out strictly as per UPPWD specification/MOST. During execution of work the quality control is ensured by testing of materials from HBTI or approved Laboratories. The quality of works of amount more than Rs. 20.00 Lacs is got checked through reputed institutes like I.I.T. etc.

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