Government Orders

Government Orders
S.NoGOs NoDept & SectionSubjectUpload DateView
1 1679/87/2023UPSIDARegarding the facility of net metering28-11-2023
2 20/2023/1048/77-6-2023-4(M)/2022UPSIDAImplementation procedure for application under UP W&L Policy 202213-04-2023
3 691/2023/6-3099/91/2019UPSIDARegarding permissibility of Land Cover under UP W&L Policy 202206-04-2023
4 9/2023/319/94-S.R.-2-2023UPSIDARegarding exemption of the Stamp Duty under UP W&L Policy 202212-04-2023
5 01UPSIDARegarding implementation of Land Pooling Policy in Industrial Development Authorities for increasing industrial land bank for industrialization in the State25-09-2020
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