S.NoNews No.SubjectUpload DateView
1 209/UPSIDA/ROPublic Objection/Aligarh - Amalgamation of Plot A-7/10 and A-11, IA Cherat09-05-2024
2 GEM/2023/B/4374615Pre-Bid Meeting for hiring of Knowledge partner for Bundelkhand Industrial Development Authority, GoUP11-01-2024
3 PublicObjection/Hardoi/Sadhinava“Invitation of Public Objections/Suggestions on Layout Plan of Industrial Area Sadhinava – District Hardoi10-01-2024
4 1731/SIDA/ATPRegarding the in-principle approval of the merger of industrial area E-64, E-65 and E-66 industrial area Kosi Kotwan Mathura.22-12-2023
5 1722/SIDA/ATPRegarding merger of plot number D-60 and D-61 industrial area Karkhiyaon and Varanasi.22-12-2023
6 1717/SIDA/ATPRegarding merger of industrial plot number C-64- to E-29 Ramnagar-II, Chandauli.21-12-2023
7 1611/SIDA/ATPProposed Draft Amalgamation Plan of industrial plot No. I-44 & I-45 at UPSIDC industrial area growth center Gajruala, Bareilly, U.P.14-12-2023
8 1619-23/SIDA/ATPRegarding approval of merger of Industrial Plot No. H-36, H-37 and H-38 Industrial Area, Sandila Phase, District Hardoi.14-12-2023
9 1035/SIDA/ROM/Industrial Area PilkhaniFor public objection and accessibility to the layout plan of plot number K-1 created by including plots and roads in the industrial area Pilkhani, Saharanpur.12-10-2023
10 1132/UPSIDA/ATPNotice for Public Objection / Suggestion on Part Layout Plan of Industrial Area Pilakhni Saharanpur District Meerut by which Industrial Plot No. B-19 to B-26, B-27 to B-34, C-56 to C- 66 has been amalgamated and created a new Plot No. K-1 (Measuring-14329.00 Sq.m.).05-10-2023
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